Small Mug



Small Mug by Hickory Tree Studio

With it’s adorable little loop handle, this diminutive mug provides a wonderful way to start your day with a jolt of strong coffee, or end your day with a cozy cup of mulled wine or herbal tea. Standing at 3 inches high, and holding 8 ounces of your favorite warm, or cold, beverage, this delightfully dainty dish dazzles the eye.

This stoneware pottery is Dishwasher and Microwave Safe!

Hickory Tree Studio’s Captivating Creation Process:

When we first encountered Hickory Tree Studio and met Walt Schmidt, the forms really drew us in.  The unique creation process used to form this pottery begins by extruding a hexagonal tube out of clay which Walt Schmidt, being from Indiana, describes as “indigenous Hoosier stoneware”.  This tube is then thrown on the wheel to create a spectacular finished piece of handmade pottery beginning with a hexagonal shape and spiraling up into a more traditional bulbous form that will draw the eye of your guests.  Plus. the hexagonal base of the form is exceptionally easy to grip and feels quite satisfying in the hand.

Hickory Tree Studio’s Gorgeous Glazes:

Beyond the marvelous forms created at Hickory Tree Studio, their glazes are layered and create some exciting visual texture in the overlap.

*Mottled Blue — This glaze combination starts out with a semi-matte ivory at the base, layered over with a glossy, mottled blue upper, frosted with a thin band of green at the rim.

*Banded Brown — Evoking a visual reminder of a layered latte, this glaze starts with a base of a glossy, deep coffee, flowing into a middle layer of glossy, chocolate cascade, and finally ending in a tasty-looking caramel rim.

*Duo Glaze — Overlapping and layered semi-gloss and glossy glazes create splashes of magnificent mustard, rust, ivory, luscious lichen and mottled greens.

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 3 × 3 in

Brown, Blue, Duo