Platter w/ Cut-Out Handles

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This amazing, rippling ceramic platter is the perfect centerpiece for your next dinner.  The cut out handles on each side are comfortable and make this platter easy to carry for serving, passing around the table or taking along to a special event.

With subtle texture as well as carved leaf design, the surface of the Platter with Cut-Out Handles beautifully compliments the overall flow of the form.  On some glazes, the texture is striking and prominent while on others it creates a subtle whisper of imagery that draws in the viewer.  12″x11″x2″


Currently, Hilborn Pottery is available in several glaze varieties including:

Ebony – This smooth, matte glaze is bold, yet neutral enough to blend well with many other colors.  A contemporary choice that has been a customer favorite for many years.

Medley Edge – A pale, blue gloss edged with a striking brown, this color resembles a well worn pair of comfy denim jeans.

Northern Lights – A striking splash of blue, green and grey stands out from a creamy, white gloss background.  This glaze definitely reminds the viewer of its namesake.

Periwinkle – A perennial customer favorite, the matte purple glaze is offset by a pale, glossy blue which highlights the texture in many of Hilborn Pottery’s textured surfaces.


Designer and ceramic artist Nancy Hilborn along with her husband and business partner, Rick Hilborn, have been creating exquisite, rippling, functional works of art that bring any table to life since 1975. With the addition of their daughter, Lisa, to the business, Hilborn Pottery is truly a family business. Whether you are setting out a family dinner or a party spread, Hilborn Pottery will make your culinary creations sing.

Nancy’s designs have won many awards and are well known throughout Canada and the United States.  A personal favorite of owner Andee Warren, this amazing line of hand-built pottery is the perfect gift for anyone, especially yourself! Created by hand in their studio in Cambridge, Ontario, all Hilborn Pottery’s flowing, ceramic pottery is food and drink safe as well as oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 2 in

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