Margarita Time, Stellar

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Though its name may suggest that the Bill Campbell’s Stellar Margarita Time Goblet is only for drinking margaritas, in fact, this stunning vessel will jazz up any cocktail, or even juice or sparkling cider!  Or, turn a simple bowl of ice cream into a fancy dessert by serving it drizzled with a little chocolate sauce in this beautiful dish.  Or, if it’s date night, the generous size of the Margarita Time Goblet works beautifully for sharing, whether filled with a fancy cocktail or delicious dessert.

About Bill Campbell’s Unique Crystalline glaze:

Due to the unique chemistry of crystalline glazes, Bill Campbell’s Stellar series evoke a different image to from piece to piece and person to person, which means that no two forms are the same. One piece may evoke an image of creeping morning frost on a window in deep winter, celestial images of nebula, galaxies and star dust in deep space, the stunning growth on a tropical ocean floor, or a geode mysteriously growing in a long forgotten cave. Since the crystalline structure grows independently during the firing process, there is no way for Bill Campbell to control or even know in advance if a given piece will contain an array of tiny crystals like a scattering of diamonds across the form, or large blooms of crystal like the spreading petals of an elegant peony. This amazing unpredictability creates a gleeful anticipation each time we receive new work from Bill Campbell that can only be satiated by a thorough oo-ing and ah-ing over each piece! We hope you will also find yourself inspired with a sense of wonder upon the arrival of your new crystalline pottery.