Large Stein



These hefty steins are big enough to hold your favorite beer, a super charged serving of coffee, an amazing root beer float, or anything else you would like to drink quite a bit of!  Their generous, sturdy handles are a great fit for larger hands, making these steins an especially good gift for men who like a big handful of handle.  However, they also fit smaller hands just fine when using their handy thumb rest for balance.

Each stein is unique both in size and glaze variation, so be sure to take a look at all of them before choosing the one that fits you just right!  Drinking coffee, tea, cocoa or other warm beverage?  Perhaps a stein with a narrower neck and large, round belly will be your best choice as it will keep your drink warm longer.  Would you rather use your stein for a nice frosty beer?  A straighter sided mug might help hold those tasty suds of beer foam.

Ash Pottery is created by artist Anthony Huonder from Minnesota.  His undulating shapes beautifully showcase his flowing glazes for a dramatic visual presence on these dynamic forms.  However, Anthony doesn’t stop with creating amazing shapes and exceptional glazes, he adds tucks, creases, indents, dots, and other surface texture that really increase the visual appeal of his steins.

Ash Pottery glazes include:

a frosty cream with slight crystallization

a dynamic blue that varies from light denim to midnight blue and pours down the pottery in long, flowing streams

a deep, ash green with the classic tree root look of a well made wood ash glaze

a high gloss black that contrasts amazingly with the ash green to create a stunning dichotomy

Anthony combines these dazzling glazes to create remarkable combinations that make each piece of his pottery truly unique.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3.5 × 7.5 in