Handwarmer Mug

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Give your mug a hug and snuggle in for a drink that’s not just warm but also cozy!  Each handwarmer mug has a unique, ergonomic design to fit in either your right or left hand.  A contoured pocket handle holds in warmth from the heat of your drink to keep your fingers warmer than in your favorite mittens. Buy one for your dominant hand and truly enjoy your morning cup of coffee (or tea) from the outside in. Buy one for your non-dominant hand to keep you snuggly and warm while you work at your desk. Even better – buy one for EACH hand so neither feels cold or lonely.


-Each Handwarmer Mug is handmade in Washington using high-fired stoneware clay.

-Mugs measure about 5” high by 4” wide (13 cm high by 10 cm wide).

-Each mug holds about 14oz of tea, coffee, cocoa, or other favorite hot drink.

-Handwarmer mugs are Food, Dishwasher & Microwave safe. Lead free.

-Each Handwarmer mug is either left-handed or right-handed.

-Comes in your choice of 8 amazing color combinations:

Desert Sand: Tan body with white lip and dusty grey accents

Misty Green: Light Green body with light green lip and flowing blue accents

Mocha: Dark brown body with dark brown lip and foamy green accents

Mossy Creek: Light Green body with purple rim and flowing blue accents

Mountain Meadow: Light Green body with tan rim and grey-blue accents

Mystic Waters: Dark blue body with a light blue rim and red and blue accents

Ocean Tide: Light blue body with a caramel brown rim and blue-brown accents

Purple Passion: Purple body with an indigo rim and blue accents

        Island Oasis: Tan body with light blue rim

Cobalt Canyon: Tan body with dark blue rim and purple accents

Love these glaze combinations? Interested in more gorgeous pottery created to go with your favorite Handwarmer mug? We also carry sponge holders and french butter keepers in matching colors! Call or email today to find out what we have in stock. We would be happy to add it to your order!

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 5 in


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